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Animation Focused Course Program


1. Program Features
The Animation Focused Course Program focused mainly on basic design skills and combined its skills with computer animation technology, aiming for the future developing potential of animation design in commercial applications. The objectives are to develop students' abilities on basic design, digital animation and comics.

2 Future possible careers:
1. Animation design and comic design
2. Web animation design and APP animation design
3. Digital teaching materials design and development / digital e-book design

3. Credits for graduation
1. Students must complete at least 6 credits of the required courses and at least 8 credits of the core elective courses. At least 7 credits of the basic elective courses are needed in total of 21 credits. Within the 21 credits, at least 6 credits should not be included in the student's original department nor in the minor major’s department.
2. Students of the university who passed the examination are eligible to study in this course. Students who have not passed the examination can also take this course, but cannot obtain the certificate. Students who have academic qualifications will have the precedence in the course.

The Details of Animation Focused Course Program & Implementation Rules