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Future Prospects


1. Short-term focus

  • Reach the same level of technology currently used in the industrial environment through equipment upgrades
  • Improve teaching quality and student learning outcomes via continuously upgraded professional course syllabi and teaching environment
  • Improve research environment to enhance faculty members’ research visibility and impact
  • Provide more opportunities for students to participate in off-campus internship jobs
  • Increase academia-industry research collaboration
  • Set up Alumni Association to extend services for alumni
  • Promote faculty members’ and students’ participation in international competitions


2. Intermediate focus

  • Increase overseas exchange opportunities for students to expand their global vision
  • Establish a design service center for academia-industry research collaboration
  • Increase equipment and related library collections
  • Promote interdisciplinary studies to increase students' competitive ability


3. Long-term focus

  • Construct a cooperative network with entrepreneurs to facilitate employment opportunities for graduating students
  • Strengthen exchange and cooperation with digital media departments around the country to foster global vision and high standards for professional media design
  • Provide faculty members more practical design opportunities to extend their experience in industry
  • Continue to adjust course contents to suit the industry’s demand for a skilled workforce
  • Provide consulting services to alumni and regularly invite department alumni to share their working experiences
  • Expand cooperative education to maintain the close relationship between industry and faculty members through academia-industry research publications