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Graduation Works

Based on 4 years of studying digital media design, BA students present various themes of graduation projects to show their design values and styles.

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The 18th Graduation Project Exhibition: A.G.I.F. Corporation

The Department of Digital Media Design has been transformed into a large-scale manufacturing company, including four major areas: A (animation), G (game), I (interaction) and F (film).

The 17th Graduation Project Exhibition: THX


The 16th Graduation Project Exhibition: 29.97

“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.” –M.C. Escher

Although the number 29.97 seems like a garbled message, it actually synchronize the sound with digital image. Therefore, it has became the first ancestor and the major breakthrough of media techniques. Visualize 29.97 as magnetic tape, even though the damaging twist destroys its playing function, it shows the diverse change of light & shade and the impossibility of style of magnetic tape.

As the students in Department of Digital Media Design. Facing themselves bravely and discovering the unknown, Just “Do Sh*t You Love.”

Anyone can create your own “29.97”!

The 15th Graduation Project Exhibition: Jump Up

Design brings us hope. It gives us dream and strength to find our one and unique selves. Together, let's live ourselves fearlessly!

The 14th Graduation Project Exhibition: Unrest

Design greatly affects our day to day lives. During the process of designing, we retain our sportsmanship and calmness to overcome every obstacles.

The 13th Graduation Project Exhibition: 1.61 ∞

To create our own exclusivity in designs with the established aesthetics; And pursuit for the aesthetic sense in the embrace of golden ratio. To exhaust our potentiality in the course of bumping; And exploite limitlessness in the motif of artistic beauty.

The 12th Graduation Project Exhibition: Perfect Surprise

There is always a significant number of unexpected events in our lives that will happen. And often these beautiful people and things are changing rapidly with time. If all these unexpected events are seen as accidents, some will make our hearts smile, some are changes that makes our lives better or for worse, even so, everything will equate to a valuable experience. That is what we call "perfect surprise".

The 11th Graduation Project Exhibition: Creator

Unlimited, fully-struggling dream makers are us. Our fancy world is built with infinity of imagination and enthusiasm. You are invited to take a ride with us to this fancy world and build the palace of your own. Create your world !

The 10th Graduation Project Exhibition: SYNESTHESIA

Synesthesia is spontaneous and cannot be controlled by subject. The feelings of synesthesia is basic and simple. The perceptions of synesthesia are easy to remember, and they have actual influences in addition. We simulated Digital Media Design as synesthesia in the following statements:

1. When people use mouse(the sense of touch) to click a button in a web page or touch a part of interactive device, the screen will immediately show images and animations(the sense of sight).

2. The affection of animation would reduce drastically if it had no music and sounds(the sense of hearing). 3. Game is consist of source codes and numbers(letters and numbers) to calculate motions and graphs. The applications of synesthesia cannot be separated from our lives. We are awaken to be a synesthete.

We designed geometric elements from five basic organs which are represented our five basic senses, and used head module in the background related to 3D drafting. To resemble the game in our childhood "dot to dot", we expect that viewers can link these dots to create their own synesthesia.

The 9th Graduation Project Exhibition: Allotrope

The possibilities in creating art go far beyond our imagination.

How many results can these be using one element? Every designer is like an element. Within a group, all elements cooperate and interact. Trial and error compose the process of creation. Uniqueness is the fruit of continued brain storming. Life is to accept all possibilities and welcome splendid results.