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MA Curriculum

MA Curriculum Framework

Train students as professionals both in innovative design and design theory. The students will possess professional ability in computer technology and become interdisciplinary profession designers.


1. Program Features
1. Innovative Design and Academic Research:
The master’s program offers two methods for design creation and research. Students can choose either to write a creative paper or a write research paper according to their preference and the faculty members they are working with.
2. Focus on Digital Media Design and Industrial Management:
Different from the undergraduate curriculum, the graduate program emphasizes digital media design and industrial project management, cultivating graduate students in innovative design expertise and project management knowledge.
3. Cross-field Innovation Integration:
The background of students admitted is not limited to digital design so that students from different majors can enter the program. This will benefit the future communication and career development of the graduates.

2. Credits for Graduation
1. With a study duration of 2 years, graduates will earn a Master of Design (M.Des) degree.
2. The minimum requirement for graduation is 31 credits: 10 credits of required courses and at least 21 credits of elective courses.
3. Besides earning the credits required for graduation, students meet the qualifications under the university graduate degree examination rules and pass the fundamental professional competence standards in order to graduate from the master’s program.

3. Opportunity for Future Careers
  • Animation Film Design: 2D and 3D Animation, DV Film, Web Movie, Digital Film Direction
  • Digital Game Design: Game Design, Game Apps, Interactive Game
  • Multimedia Design: Web Interactive Design, Web Marketing, Web Design

The Details of MA Curriculum Framework


Core Competencies

1. Basic digital media cognition and capability to produce design works
2. Capability to administer and manage facilities for design projects
3. Ability to program professional multimedia, animation and digital games
4. Possess worldview to understand the latest digital design trends, work ethics and sense of responsibility

Fundamental Professional Competence Standards

Graduate students are required to meet the professional competences outlined below during their period of study:

1. Creative design proficiency: 1). Prior to graduation, students must participate in at least one international design competition (Works must be approved by their advisors.); 2). Students must pass the final design exhibition in the second semester of first year.
2. Independent research ability in design-relevant area: 1). Students must pass the evaluation of midterm design exhibition and report; 2). Students must pass the evaluation of public graduation exhibition and thesis.

Students who meet the graduation requirements for these professional competences should submit relevant certificates or score reports to the Digital Media Design Department. After completion of these procedures, the students will be verified as meeting the graduation requirements.

Upon being passed at the Department/School/Academic Affairs Committee Meetings and approved by the president, the enforcement rules were implemented. Any revision must follow the same procedures.