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Mission Goals/Objectives

Mission Goals


The primary goal of the Digital Media Design Department is to promote students' acquisition of a broad scope of essential knowledge in the humanities, art and digital technology. This knowledge is not only relevant to our present world, but is also a fundamental necessity for future developments in Media as well as for the development of creative thinking.

The department will make a strong contribution to the rapid development of local technological progress and the local media industry. Students are trained to attain the highest levels of technical proficiency and become professional designers in the field of digital media. As professionals in the 21st Century, they will have a global view of the present and a strong vision for the future.


1. Provide a quality, human-centered design education and environment
Our department's curriculum focuses on a foundational aesthetics education for digital media design, and provides the resources and the environment to cultivate students of digital design and computer technology.

2. Emphasize theory and practice
Our department's main courses can be connected with professional digital design on both theoretical and practical sides to promote collaboration. Our department also makes efforts to ensure students' learning can successfully combine with actual needs and applications.

3. Nurture students with global vision, designers with teamwork spirit
An outstanding designer not only has professional skills but global vision. Because their challenges come from all over the world, students need overcome the cultural barriers between people. A teamwork spirit is also nurtured among these future outstanding digital designers.

4. Reinforce cooperation with industry practice
We promote professionalism with creativity and the highly competitive strength of our students. Our faculty members also integrate teaching and research with the requirements of profession fields and actively promote cooperation with digital design firms. Educating students with high quality creative potential and competitive strength prepares them to meet future career challenges.